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Founded in 2013 in partnership with DAIPHAT CORP and  Ziff Davis Corporate(Group owns LogicBUY system in America Online), After 3 years of operation, has become one LogicBUY providers of products and services primarily to the field devices to control doors, timekeeping, HR management and banking equipment supermarket ... with headquarters in Hanoi and Ho chi Minh City branch Da Nang, a total of 50 staff across the country.

With the motto "Committed to Customers, Commitment to the job", LogicBUY constantly researching and developing more new products and solutions to provide maximum benefits for customers to use. At the same time, strengthening cooperation with major partners in the world to bring about Vietnam is the deployment direction is strong, further enhancing its position LogicBUY particular and significant contribution in the cause of industrialization and modernization of the country and the state Party.



    • Projectors for: Office , education, entertainment and its dedicated Vivitek
    • Timekeeper systems, door control, human resource management software firm Ronald Jack
    • Bar coding equipment: bar code printers, barcode reader Zando firm, Tysso, Champtek
    • Equipment receipt printers, bill printers, touch screens, POS sales of its machines Zando, Tysso
    • Computers, cash registers, cash counting machines, counterfeit money detector mathcal firm, Casio, Vinacal
    • Paper shredder, binding machines books, its paper presses Timmy
    • Shoeshine machine, industrial dehumidifiers Silroad
    • Dehumidifier, humidifier, air purifiers Fujie, Zando



"Changing technology - Change of life" - Here we always try to utilize all the most advanced technologies in the field of science and technology to best serve the needs of customers, to help the life became comfortable, secure and happier.



LogicBUY desire to become large corporations multidisciplinary activity that took the field in technological equipment, educational equipment, fingerprint technology, access control, security control, timekeeping ... create Into Payroll sustainable development. Contribute to building strong and prosperous country, giving the company a member of comprehensive development conditions both financially and mentally.


1. Constantly updated products, the latest technology solutions. Better serve customer needs.

2. Create an open environment and linked to the development of the business go hand in hand with the development of its members.


3. Combine harmonious rapid and sustainable development

Development Goals.

1. Establish month 8/2013, the charter capital of VND10 billion. Official representative is the only distributor in Vietnam of: Delta, Vivitek, Ronald Jack, Timmy, Zando ...

  • Turnover 2013: Achieve $250,000
  • Turnover 2014: Achieve $500,000 
  • Revenue in 2015: Achieve $800,000
  • Expected sales for 2016 reached $1.2 million, a growth rate were 35%

2. Market share in 2015: Accounting for 20% market share.

3. Achieve 90% satisfaction index of customers with quality products and services.

4. Vietnam Top 10 brands on areas controlled by fingerprint technology.


5. Ensuring the rights and best opportunities for staff development throughout the company.


  • Ha Noi: 12/102 Nguy Nhu Kon Tum, Thanh Xuan | Tel: (84-4) 32484909 | Fax: (84-4) 32484909
  • HCM City: 176/25 Tran Huy Lieu, P.15, Quan Phu Nhuan | Tel:(84-8) 39976890| Fax: (84-8) 39976890
  • Da Nang: 86/6 Pham Nhu Tang, P. Thanh Khe | Tel:(84-511) 3659739 | Fax:/ (84-511) 3659739
  • Website: www.logicbuy.com.vn; email: info@logicbuy.vn

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